How about controlling a vehicle instinctively with the movements of your body?

This is the direction Toyota is taking with its FV2 concept shown at the Canadian International Auto Show (CIAS) held in Toronto.

Toyota stated this far reaching concept is a car that adopts a human-like interface – connecting both physically and emotionally with its driver – offering a mobility experience like nothing we have ever seen in today’s world.

“The FV2 is a concept car that connects with people through the body and the heart,” said Seiji Ichii, President and CEO, Toyota Canada Inc. “It proposes a form of personal mobility that will serve a major role in Toyota’s vision for the future of mobility, designed for the digital generation of connected consumers.”


Toyota explained this concept uses advanced design innovations, rather than using a steering wheel; the FV2 is operated by the driver’s body shifting forward and back, as well as to the left and right. And by using intelligent transport system technology, the car is said by Toyota to be able to connect with other vehicles in its immediate surrounding area, as well as traffic infrastructure by picking up and providing a wide variety of advanced safety information.

The FV2 embodies Toyota’s vision for an ever-developing driver-vehicle relationship by nurturing a bond between human and vehicle, declared the company. Through an augmented reality display on the windshield, and by incorporating innovative Toyota technology, the FV2 and its driver are said to be always in sync. Voice and image recognition technologies are used to determine the driver’s mood, and in response, the body color and exterior display can be changed at will. Destinations can even be suggested based on accumulated driving history.

Toyota said it has created an exclusive smartphone application that enables users to experience the Toyota FV2 and can be downloaded free of charge from the AppStore or GooglePlay.