Toyota unveiled its fuel-cell city bus concept, the “Sora,” at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Sora, an abbreviated term meaning “sea, ocean, river, and air,” was coined to recognize the bus’ fuel cell water composition and pay tribute to the Earth’s own water cycle. It is powered by a fuel cell power-train using ten high-pressure hydrogen tanks and a nickel-metal hydride battery. Toyota says it produces 113-kW and 235-kWh for 152-horsepower and 262-pounds-feet of torque.

On looks, the 34-foot Sora exemplifies futuristic with retro “Fuel Cell Bus” lettering emblazoned on its side, a lower entry height, and cat-eye headlights. On the inside, its seats are arranged horizontally with retractable benches doubling as storage for wheelchairs and other bulk items to maximize space. Eight high-definition cameras throughout provide greater visibility to the outside environment, with alerts warning of incoming passersby. A system also optimizes acceleration by preventing sudden stops with smooth acceleration and de-acceleration at each stop, allowing for clearance 10-centimeters ahead or behind the bus stop line.

Its Mirai-inspired powertrain can also double as an emergency power source for disaster areas using its external power supply system.

Look for Toyota to produce approximately 100 Sora (or is it Sorai?) to shuttle the world at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games.