Toyota has just unveiled what might be on of the largest fuel-cell vehicles on the market.

And no, you probably can’t buy it. Unless you run a Japanese public-transit agency.

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That’s because Toyota will be selling fuel-cell buses starting early next year. Plans are to be selling more than 100 of these buses in and near Tokyo in advance of the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Toyota will look to update the bus fleet in 2018. The fuel-cell system is based on what’s used in the Mirai, but of course modified to work in a city bus.

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One of the more notable things about the fuel-cell buses is that they will deliver an electric supply of up to 235 kWh. That amount of energy could come in handy in certain circumstances, such as emergencies – the bus could power a building being used to evacuate survivors from a disaster. The bus can also be used to power home appliances.

As for its design, the bus also takes visual cues from the Mirai, such as the boomerang-shaped headlamp fixtures.

It may not be as sleek-looking at the Mirai, but the fuel-cell bus will likely help cut emissions from Japan’s public-transit fleet, and it can haul a lot more passengers than the Mirai can.