Showing just a glimpse of a stylized body and large alloy wheels shod with very low-profile tires, Toyota is continuing with the now-familiar tactic of “teasing” its pending Hybrid-R Concept to be shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show on Sept. 10.

This is not your normal Toyota hybrid. The concept car is based on a production Yaris and underneath the hood will be somewhere around 400 hybrid horsepower from a powertrain borrowing heavily from the Toyota TS030 Le Mans Racer.

Two electric motors are expected to assist a gas engine with serious go-power in its own right, and the usual hybrid technology of regenerative braking will presumably work with road or track drivetrain settings.

The rest of the aggressive little hybrid will be seen next month at Frankfurt.

2013 TS030.

2013 TS030.

It may be of little interest to some more eco-conscious folk, but high-performance (ostensibly) green cars have played the role of ambassador to the 97 percent of the rest of the buying public which normally bypass hybrids on the showroom floor.

This is a hybrid your average youngster profiling in a Subaru WRX or Scion FR-S (with requisite grapefruit-sized tail pipe extension and other kit) would gladly trade the keys for.

There well could be method to the madness of a hybrid Toyota with nearly triple the power of a Prius packed into an even smaller body.