Lexus HS250h

Lexus HS250h

Toyota is recalling 17,000 units of its 2010 Lexus HS250h hybrid, due to a fuel tank issue. The company will also halt production and sales until a remedy can be found.

During a test conducted by an agency contractor, fuel spillage from the vehicle exceeded federal regulations. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, the problem could occur when the car is “rotated on its longitudinal axis to each successive increment of 90 degrees following an impact crash test.”

The problem is currently being investigated by Toyota. By conducting the recall, and the halt to production and sales, Toyota is exercising an immediate response and a high degree of caution. The company was criticized earlier this year for a sluggish response to widely publicized issues with runaway acceleration of various models, and a “brake feel” problem with some its hybrids.

Investigations by Toyota and federal agencies failed to produce evidence of a verifiable or persistent safety problem with acceleration or braking. Since the public scare earlier this year, the story has almost completely vanished from the media.

Regarding the HS250h’s fuel tank issue, Toyota said in a release issued Friday: “At the present time, Lexus has not identified a remedy to address this issue, but it is working hard to do so promptly and will notify owners as soon as one is developed. Until then, as required by federal law, dealers will not deliver any new vehicles (of the model) in their inventory…until remedied.” Questions and concerns may be directed to Lexus at 1-800-255-3987.