Like it or not, Toyota’s pre-Superbowl ad for the 2016 Prius takes counterintuitive to a new level portraying itself as a ride of choice for tough guys, sort of.

It does get your attention, and may induce more than a few rolled eyebrows as well, but if it makes the vehicle memorable, people get over it, and still buy the car, then the Japanese automaker may call it a success.

As it is, a 90-second spot called “Heck on Wheels” is actually just a teaser for the real Superbowl ad to be revealed. An ad in itself, it aims to highlight unexpected features of the all-new Prius, including that it handles well (and it does.)

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Starting benignly enough, Toyota’s advert transforms the frugal and sensible hybrid into a sports car with a mundane nine-to-five office worker at the wheel – living out an alter ego fantasy in the new Prius.

The actual commercial to be shown during the Superbowl will also be a 90-second spot during the two-minute warning of the second quarter. It’s expected to be a new creative work, and not a revised take of the teaser below.

Toyota will also feature a Twitter tie-in encouraging viewers to use the hashtag #GoPriusGo for a chance to have their tweet featured in a “live commercial” airing in one of Toyota’s post-game spots.