April 30, 2007: Source – Automtove News


Toyota is either a visionary car company, or the emergence of the company as the largest automaker in the world has gone to their head. Take comments from Yasuhiko Ichihashi, Toyota executive vice president of Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, delivered at the recent Society of Automotive Engineers 2007 World Congress. As reported by Automotive News, Ichihashi gave human-like qualities to hybrid technology.

Today’s engineers are diligently working with a variety of fuel and technical innovations. But I believe hybrid technology will continue to evolve as a core technology. This will serve to create the ultimate car that is kind to us.

According to Ichihashi, cars will not only be “kind to us,” they will take on qualities of flying carpets, magic brooms, and somersaulting clouds.

What is an ideal vehicle? It takes you wherever you want to go. It is also fully automated and moves according to the driver’s thoughts. In addition, it has great safety features which avoid collisions.

Ichihashi said real-world cars need to be brought closer to the dream-world ideal—not actually driven by magic clouds, but “new electronic and engineering interaction that could make future vehicles come close to magic-like performance.”

Other automakers pay lip service but give little real credence to new technologies, and yield products rooted in a mythical high-horsepower past—while Toyota invests in hybrid technology and delivers vehicles guided by aspirations to new realms of the imagination.


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