Shell Oil and Toyota are getting an $8 million rebate to bring hydrogen refuelling to the Port of Long Beach.

The grant has been provisionally awarded and comes from the California Energy Commission. It will allow the group to develop and install the first hydrogen-truck refuelling station to the port. It’s part of the Commission’s program to develop green infrastructure at ports and distribution centers around the state. The grant still needs to be formally approved at an upcoming CEC meeting.

Shell and Toyota are planning to use the stations to fill hydrogen fuel cell trucks. Toyota has been exploring and developing the technology for years at its California research and development facility. The Project Portal fuel cell truck was unveiled at the Port this time last year. It used two fuel cells from the Mirai and could haul an 80,000 lb truck up to 200 miles.

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The Port of Long Beach has long worked to reduce emissions. It is one of the busiest ports in the U.S., and is responsible for most of the diesel emissions in the area. The port already has its own Clean Truck program that controls the emissions of trucks that can use the port. Running the fuel cell vehicles on the short runs in and around the port could significantly reduce emissions.

If the new facility is approved, Shell will build the hydrogen station at the Toyota Logistics Services center at the port, and it will fuel the Project Portal concept truck as well as public fleets.

“This station will help the hydrogen-fueled freight sector to flourish in California, said Oliver Bishop, Hydrogen general manager at Shell. “Hydrogen offers a promising path for decarbonizing transport, particularly the heavy-duty sector where there are few alternatives to conventional fuel. Shell and Toyota will combine their expertise to deliver an effective alternative fuel for Californian freight.”

Shell will source the hydrogen from Toyota’s Tri-Gen facility, located adjacent to the new filling station, which produces hydrogen from renewable bio-gas.