Toyota is getting ready to unveil next week the RND Concept, a production ready concept car that, in the company’s words, “will make a valuable contribution to the world we live in.”

In doing so, Toyota is breaking with automotive industry convention by revealing a new product outside the familiar surroundings of an international auto show.

Instead the company’s RND Concept will make its world debut in the UK on January 26. Toyota said this vehicle is ready for fast-track development that should see it changing the face of motoring within weeks… But the company did not reveal technical details of this concept. Hybrid? Hydrogen? Plug-in? We’ll have to wait for now.

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The company added the first image released today hints at how the concept’s design marks a radical shift in direction for Toyota, taking the “fun-to-drive” qualities of its cars to a higher level.

In typical fashion, the image released does not allow anyone to have a feel for the concept’s looks, aside from confirming there is black paint on the vehicle.

Although presented as a concept, Toyota clearly stated the RND will be unveiled in its production-ready form. Manufacturing and product supply have been secured and on-the-road pricing has been set at a level that will make the RND Concept accessible to the widest possible market, added the company.

In an intriguing line, Toyota said it is confident that the RND Concept’s impact will go far beyond its own model range, having the potential to transform the look of every vehicle on the road.

“Full details of the RND Concept will be announced next week, but ahead of the official unveiling I can say that this is something we are proud of and that will make a valuable contribution to the world we live in,” said Matt Harrison, President of Toyota GB.

The similarities between the concept’s RND name and the R&D abbreviation for research and development is not lost on us.