Last month in order to garner attention for its RAV4 Hybrid, Toyota decided to do something different to break through the visual clutter in New York’s Times Square.

The company built “the tallest outdoor climbing wall in NYC” and let certain folks, including RAV4 rally racer Christina Fate climb the 10-story structure in the urban landscape.

Image via Twitter.

Image of 96-foot climb via Twitter.

The all-wheel-drive vehicle itself has rapidly ascended the sales charts, and last month was bested only by the Prius Liftback, topping usual second-and third place finishers like the Camry Hybrid, Prius c, and Ford Fusion Hybrid.

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As for the wall, it was part of an ad campaign called “How far will you take it.” Toyota has not said how much it paid for the elaborate structure, but reportedly is satisfied with viral social media results.

The purpose was to get people talking, and Toyota will likely milk the promo for further PR value, having filmed its sponsored race driver’s ascent as a novice climber.


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