Toyota has announced that its current Prius hybrid will be joined by a wagon version of the five-door hatchback in the near future. The Prius Wagon is expected to debut in either 2010 or 2011. That’s a year or two after the next generation Prius comes out in 2009, which itself promises to be roomier, more powerful, and offer better fuel economy then the existing car.

The primary purpose of the wagon configuration is to “attract more commercial customers looking for a green delivery vehicle that may save on fuel costs.” (For some time, a number of hybrid fans have been asking Toyota for a station wagon version of the Prius.)

Featuring added cargo capacity, the Prius station wagon could offer a great deal of practicality to any business that relies on the daily, local transportation of goods and services. But don’t think eco-conscious families won’t take notice. This five-passenger vehicle has the potential to become the ultimate daily driver for those who crave the green lifestyle. A wagon’s versatility would certainly add a level of convenience for loading up groceries or carting the kids around town. Whatever the purpose, expanding the lineup with a wagon will certainly improve the Prius’ appeal.

With respect to the third generation Prius, it will not utilize a new lithium-ion battery pack as reported earlier by various sources. It will instead use a new nickel metal hydride battery pack that’s very much like the one found in the current car.