“The all-new Prius is a legitimate family sedan that offers everything you would expect, like solid build quality and refinement—and a few things you don’t—like a base price of just $20,000…A dashboard monitor allows you to see which engine is doing the work, and how much energy is being used at any given time, among other things.”

“The new Prius’ skin turns in a coefficient of drag of 0.26, about the lowest ever for a production car. “

“Lighter, lower-friction pistons, a revised combustion-chamber design, and remapped variable valve timing help increase engine power by six ponies, to 76.”
Car and Driver

“It’s roomy, with back seats that seat two adults and lots of cargo space. The fabric upholstery is as good as it gets…Cargo space is 16.1 cubic feet, more than one-third larger than the 2003’s 11.8 cubic feet and half again the Civic’s 10.1 cubic feet and coming perilously close to the Camry’s 16.7 cubic feet.”
New Car Test Drive