In its Top 10 Best Cars of 2017, Consumer Reports named the Toyota Prius as its best compact hybrid, and the only electrified car of any kind to make the list.

Named “Best Compact Hybrid,” there’s little wonder the Prius scored well as CR has long had a liking for Toyota products, and the new one as tested is improved with a rated 52 mpg, and there’s a 56 mpg version available as well.

What helped raise eyebrows over at the consumer publication was its testers actually got 52 mpg when its in-house test circuit is notoriously tougher than that of the U.S. EPA. Former Prius models were not able to match EPA scores in CR testers’ hands.

In fact, the new Prius garnered the highest mpg Consumer Reports has yet recorded in a car that isn’t a plug-in hybrid and that was icing on the cake for a vehicle that received high marks for reliability.

Toyota’s fourth-generation hybrid also has improved ride comfort, more responsive handling and less cabin noise.