Toyota has lost a court battle for the right to use the “Prius” name in India.

Instead, the Supreme Court of India granted exclusive trademark rights to the “Prius” name to Prius Auto Industries, a New Delhi-based auto accessories company, for use in India. As a result, Toyota will not be able to sell any car named “Prius” in India, despite its global presence with a firmly entrenched brand name in the international market.

The court ruling was determined based on the date the trademark was registered. Prius Auto Industries was established in 2001, while Toyota’s “Prius” was registered in India nine years later.

As part of its court strategy, Toyota cited its standing as an internationally recognized brand, which Prius Auto countered by citing its operations in force well before Toyota introduced the vehicle to the Indian market. Other trademarks disputed by Prius Auto Industries were the names “Toyota,” “Toyota Innova” and “Toyota Device,” which Toyota successfully litigated to keep the exclusive use of.

In court, Justices Ranjan Gogoi and Navin Sinha cited the “territoriality principle” as just cause for Prius Auto Industries to keep “Prius,” citing that Toyota had yet to acquire sufficient popularity in the Indian market. According to the court, no Prius advertisements appeared in India before 2001, despite its world premiere in 1997.

“We cannot help but also to observe that in the present case the plaintiff’s delayed approach to the courts has remained unexplained,” read the judgment by Justice Gogoi. “Such delay cannot be allowed to work to the prejudice of the defendants who had kept on using its registered mark to market its goods during the inordinately long period of silence maintained by the plaintiff.”

No word yet on how Toyota’s India expansion plans for the Prius are affected with the latest result.