Toyota is in the middle of its new marketing initiative, “Start Your Impossible” which aims to showcase its philosophy for a more inclusive and sustainable society through its mobility vision.

In collaboration with mega ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi, Dentsu, and Toyota’s global marketing teams, Toyota will use its eight-year partnership with the Olympics and Paralympic Games along with the Winter Games and 2020 Olympics to deliver a series of messages.

The “Start Your Impossible” campaign will use print, digital, and outdoor placements, including a series of television commercials and long-form social media videos of average Joes and athletes displaying perseverance, in a nod to people who overcome mobility challenges and the automaker’s mobility vision.

“At Toyota, we embrace the potential of new technology to help us create products and services that enable people to overcome barriers and to reach their potential,” said Susumu Matsuda, Marketing Division General Manager, Toyota Motor Corporation. “The Olympic and Paralympic Games align with Toyota’s values and are platforms to showcase our global commitment to the concept of mobility for all.”

The message is intended to represent Toyota’s shift from an automobile company to a mobility company, in part backed by its continued research in autonomous vehicles, AI systems, and personal mobility solutions to assist the elderly and disabled.

In one marketing video, the brand shows several disadvantaged sportsmen such as an electric wheelchair-riding basketball player and a sports gear-clad elderly man running up a hill. According to Toyota, any reference to vehicles will be subdued, presented in a different context through parallel sales efforts by distributors. Other campaign bits will feature Olympic and Paralympic athletes using “mobility stories” or short vignettes.

A separate initiative, Toyota’s new website, will showcase the brand’s new mobility products. The site is published in six different languages and fully optimized for visually, hearing, mobility, and cognitively impaired users. Site content also contains brief summaries on the brand’s range of mobility devices such as the i-Road ultracompact car, the iBot mobility assistant, the Exo-Wheel (akin to a wheelchair on steroids), and the AI-inspired Concept-I compact.