Official Toyota FAQs

Toyota answers the most frequently asked questions about the Prius recall.

After several days of speculation, Toyota today issued a recall of the 2010 model year Priuses as well as Lexus HS250h luxury hybrid. Only the 2010 model year vehicles are involved because previous generations had different brake system software. The total recall will include about 150,000 vehicles in the United States.

With the recall, Toyota is responding to about 200 official complaints that the anti-lock braking causes the cars to have an “inconsistent brake feel” during slow and steady application of the brakes on rough or slippery surfaces. Toyota says that the system is working as intended. The Prius and HS250h recall is separate from the company‚Äôs larger recall regarding unintended acceleration.

The repair, which involves loading new anti-lock brake software onto the car, takes about 30 minutes to perform. 2010 model year Toyota Priuses manufactured after January 27 and Lexus HS250h units manufactured after February 8 already have the new software.

Toyota says the 2010 Prius is completely safe. If your brakes feel unusual, keep pressing firmly on the brake pedal. Don’t pump brakes. Instead, keep the pedal firmly pressed down.

Beginning in late February, Toyota will send letters to owners of affected vehicles, who will be able to get the problem fixed at no cost.

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