Toyota’s city electric vehicle, the i-ROAD, will be part of a carsharing experiment in Japan.

The trial is set to start April ten and will go on until September 30, 2015. Both Park24 Co., Ltd. and Toyota Motor Corporation are partners in this carsharing project which will be held in central Tokyo.

Park24 has approximately 430,000 members.

The Toyota i-ROAD used will be integrated to Park24’s “Times Car Plus” service, which allows members to use share cars at any time of day or night. Toyota pointed to the fact the trial will incorporate elements from Toyota’s “Ha:mo” optimized urban transport system.

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The trial will focus on one-way transportation to commercial facilities and sightseeing locations. With this pattern in mind, Park24 explained it has setup its activities with the i-ROAD so users will pick up vehicles from the Times Station at Yurakucho ITOCiA; they can return them to any of five locations: Tokyo Tower, Asakusa, Odaiba Palette Town, Tokyo Dome City or Yurakucho ITOCiA.

Users will have to sign up for compulsory i-Road training courses. Once this training passed, the service will cost 412 yen per unit of 15 minutes, with a maximum usage period of two and a half hours.

While gathering usage data and user feedback is important, Toyota also noted this trial will be used to assess changes in user activity patterns and receptiveness to new mobility systems of this type.