Toyota Prius Hybrid Synergy Drive
How the Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive works to save and store energy and reduce emissions. Produced in the UK.

Prius "Impossible" Television Commercial
They said noone would make a car with an electrical model, as long as there was a drop of oil on the planet.

Toyota Prius 2005 Super Bowl Television Commercial
"We’ve been moving. We just haven’t been moving forward." The Toyota Prius television ad is powerful and dramatic.

Hydrogen-Powered Prius Test Drive
Popular Mechanics visits the Los Angeles Auto Show and stops by the Green Car Ride & Drive to test drive a Toyota Prius modified to run on hydrogen instead of gasoline.

Toyota Prius – Intelligent Parking Assist
This short industrial video, produced by Toyota Netherlands, demonstrates the Toyota Prius’s "Intelligent Parking Assist" function, which allows drivers to squeeze into tight spots–without their hands on the wheel.

"World’s First Hybrid Taxi"
This video produced by Toyota Canada in 2004 is a five-minute profile of Andrew Grant, who used a Prius as a taxi in Vancouver from 2001 until 2004.

Camry Hybrid 2006 Super Bowl Television Commercial
In Toyota’s 2006 Super Bowl television ad, an Hispanic father explains how the hybrid car switches between gas and electric power—just like he can switch between English and Spanish.