Those tuning into the Super Bowl later this month will notice that Toyota will be absent, as the automaker doesn’t have plans to run a national ad.

Toyota continues to promote hydrogen as a source of energy for cars and instead of ponying up an insane amount of money to showcase the Mirai to all of the viewers tuning in to the Super Bowl, the automaker will run a small ad for viewers tuning in from Los Angeles and San Francisco, Calif.

The ad, titled “Daisy,” will run in between the second quarter and halftime. According to Automotive News, a Toyota spokesperson said that the automaker will launch a campaign starring the Mirai a day after the Super Bowl. The campaign will run until summer.

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Toyota wasn’t planning to run an ad, reports the outlet, but the automaker felt compelled to run a spot within the past few weeks. The Japanese automaker’s ad agency, Saatchi and Saatchi LA, created the commercial.;

With California being the only state where the Mirai is sold, it makes sense for Toyota to save some money and target potential buyers in the area. “Sunday’s game provides a great opportunity to showcase new Mirai fuell cell vehicle creative in two key markets, Los Angeles and San Francisco,” said Nathan Kokes, Mirai marketing manager, in a statement reports Auto News.

Automotive News