“The Highlander Hybrid is the most seamless of the hybrids to date. The braking exhibits none of the strange behavior of early hybrids, and the accleration is both responsive and natural.”

“The standard Highlander has a light and somewhat ‘tossable’ nature but the added weight of the hybrid version gives it a more cumbersome feel around tight turns. It’s still easy to maneuver in the city, though, and as smooth as they come on the highway. Acceleration is excellent at any speed, thanks to the electric motor assist.”

“10 out of 10. Smooth, quiet, looks great inside and out, and great gas mileage.”

“From behind the wheel, the Highlander Hybrid and RX 400h drive almost identically, that is to say, smoothly, efficienctly and quietly. On a straight highway, you can’t tell it is a hybrid. But when it silently pulls from a stop under better power, you remember. Unlike the hybrid Honda Accord, you don’t get the irritating clunky starts and stops—this system is less intrusive.”

“Six-point-six-seconds-to-60-mph fast…As Highlanders go, the hybrid’s a bullet.”
Motor Trend

“In the case of the Highlander Hybrid, the SUV may be more than just a smart buy for environmentally-conscous drivers; it may also help raise the bar for the whole industry.”
Detroit News