Hydrogen is an efficient energy source that can be used for both homes and cars, according to Toyota.

“Clean generation of hydrogen from a wide range of primary energy sources will make local, self-sufficient power generation a global reality,” said the carmaker this week. “Fuel cell vehicles will take on a new role as power sources within their communities.”

Toyota demonstrated this theory at the Tokyo Motor Show with the debut of its FCV Plus, a hydrogen-powered concept car that doubles as a home-energy generator. When the car isn’t being driven, Toyota envisions that the FCV Plus can connect to an external hydrogen source to create electricity for homes or businesses.

Of course battery electric cars have also demonstrated vehicle to grid, are also touted as a clean solution, but Toyota is eager to create publicity for FCVs as it continues roll out of its production Mirai.

The company is bypassing production of plug-in electric cars while working on them behind the scenes – and among Japanese peers, it’s letting Nissan plow the way but for all anyone knows, Toyota may one day decide to join in when it sees a market case it’s happy with.

Meanwhile, Toyota is pushing its FCV agenda as a choice for a “100 years” of sustainability with efficiencies just now being honed, and expected to be taken to greater heights.

“Compressed hydrogen has a higher energy density than electricity, can be generated from a wide range of raw materials, and is easy to store, making it a promising future energy source,” said Toyota, adding that the company “envisages a sustainable society in which hydrogen energy is in widespread use – a society embodied by this concept vehicle.”

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Toyota’s pod-shaped FCV Plus has a compact footprint, measuring only 150 inches long and 69 inches wide. Shifting from a large electric motor to in-wheel motors on all four wheels gives the concept enough interior room to carry four passengers. Oversized windows – tinted blue – on all four sides adds to the cabin’s spacious feeling.