Last year Toyota sold 1.52 million electrified vehicles globally, which exceeds the company’s internal benchmark three years ahead of schedule.

Toyota’s Environmental Challenge 2050 targets have 2020 marked as the year the company expected to sell 1.5 million cars globablly. Both 2016 and 2017 were strong sales years, and the 1.52 million number puts it ahead internally. According to Toyota, its total 11.47 million vehicles sold have cumulatively reduced CO2 emissions by 90 million tons compared to normal vehicles.

For a reminder, here is Toyota’s Environmental Challenge 2050 requirements;

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Reducing global average new-vehicle CO2 emissions by 90 percent by 2050 (compared to Toyota’s 2010 global average)

  • Achieving annual global sales of over 30,000 fuel cell vehicles around or after 2020. In Japan, selling at least 1,000 fuel cell vehicles per month (well in excess of 10,000 per year)
  • Beginning sales of fuel cell buses in small numbers by early 2017, focusing on Tokyo; preparing to sell over 100 fuel cell buses ahead of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020
  • Achieving sales of 1.5 million hybrids annually and 15 million hybrids cumulatively by 2020
  • Reducing average CO2 emissions from new vehicles by more than 22 percent by 2020 (compared to Toyota’s 2010 global average)

“In just over 20 years, we have seen electrified new vehicle sales increase from under 500 sales to more than 1.5 million sales,” said Shigeki Terashi, executive vice president, Toyota Motor Corporation.

To help in hitting these numbers, Toyota has plans for 10 battery electric vehicles on the market by worldwide by the early 2020s and from around 2025 it expects to have an electrified version of every vehicle it sells.