Torc is providing a first-hand look at its self-driving platform, Asimov, to random Consumer Electronics Show attendees this week, using the Las Vegas strip as its backdrop.

“The public will get to experience self-driving rides through the Las Vegas strip, freeways, and streets of Las Vegas,” said Torc CEO Michael Fleming. “Torc’s Asimov fleet autonomously handles complex intersections, traffic lights, high-speed merges, and unpredictable pedestrians. Then there is the all-too-common Las Vegas tourist slowing unexpectedly to catch a special view.”

All public rides will be manned by a safety driver.

Virginia-based Torc Robotics was founded in 2007 by a group of Virginia Tech engineers. Its early claim to fame was top three finishes at the AUVSI Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition and the DARPA Urban Challenge, two automotive driving competitions. Today, the brand applies its self-driving technology to several industries in the areas of commercial vehicles and robotics.

It’s self-driving vehicles use outfitted Lexus RXs, which have been tested on public roads since Feb. 2017 with its first 1000-mile long route driven from its Blacksburg, Virginia-headquarters to Detroit in Apr. 2017.

Other tips taken include a round-trip Washington, DC. to Seattle which covered more than 4000-plus autonomous miles. Advancements with limited mobility consumers have been achieved as well, with a 2010 project focused on a vehicle optimized for blind drivers.

To participate, visit Torc’s CES booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center, North Plaza – NP 16 and complete a survey. Consumer testers will be randomly selected.