Here are some of the best Black Friday deals we’ve found for people looking for green gifts, car gifts, or green car gifts.

Most cars now offer USB ports for charging your smartphone. But lots of them still only offer one port. Or the port they offer can only charge your phone at slow rates. The iXCC 50 watt car charger can power up five devices at once, at up to 2.4 amps, charging your phones more quickly in the car. It’s now 63 percent off, and just $14.99.

Maybe it’s time for snow tires. Or maybe you’re in the lucky parts of the country that don’t see cold, but you want to save some fuel by switching to low rolling resistance rubber. TireBuyer is offering 10 percent off, free shipping to installers, and there are rebates available of up to $80.

Advance Auto Parts is offering $20 off the ScanGauge II OBD monitor, plus 25-percent off orders over $50 with coupon code BF17. The ScanGauge lets you see what your engine is doing. That can help the DIY mechanic fix problems but also lets the hypermiler monitor real-time fuel economy, throttle position, and see other potentially gas-saving data

TechRabbit is offering a Papago GoSafe 272 full HD dashcam for 50-percent off. For $79.99, record what’s happening around your car. It could help in an insurance claim, or maybe even help you go viral on YouTube.

Get rid of those old and inefficient home appliances. Home Depot is offering up to 40 percent off of energy saving appliances like front load washer dryers, refrigerators, and dishwashers. Plus the more appliances you buy, the more you can save. Up to an extra $500 off.

Commuting by bicycle is great for emissions and your health. But it’s getting cold fast. Under Armour is offering up to 40-percent off of gear to keep you warm. Like these HeatGear men’s leggings for $27.99

A programmable thermostat is a great way to save energy at home. Amazon is offering the Nest learning thermostat for 20 percent off. It will automatically adjust the temperature when you’re not home to save money. Plus this newest version works with Amazon Alexa, so all you have to do is tell your Alexa device to turn the temperature up or down and it’ll do it with the sound of your voice.

BlueIndy is a car share service with a twist. The whole fleet is electric vehicles. You just book, get in, and drive. No insurance, electricity, or maintenance worries. And for Black Friday, a one-year membership is 90 percent off. Just $9.99 a month.