The Q50 was formerly known as the M35h before Nissan’s up-market brand re-named every model a Q-something. In 2011, the M35h set a Guinness record for a 13.9-second quarter mile, and is a superb, balanced handling performance hybrid.

We ranked the new Acura way behind it, but to be fair, the RLX hybrid deserves to be cross shopped, as does the Lexus GS450h, but we like the compact-class Infiniti.

Priced from the middle 40s, it’s a 360-horsepower V6 hybrid that just works, and is available in rear-wheel, or all-wheel-drive.

MPG rating is decent at 29 city, 36 highway, 31 combined for the rear-wheel-drive model, and subtract 1 mpg from each of these numbers for the AWD version.

CO2 footprint compared to the BMW is about equal, the Infiniti’s mpg is not as good, its price is a little higher, but power is much more than the BMW. So, this being about sportiness, we rated it higher.