If you’ve noticed the U.S. now has more than 75 alternative-energy vehicles, and gone are the days when “fuel efficient” and “eco-friendly” need be synonymous with “unexciting.”

To rank seven sporty green cars, we’ve sifted through our sales Dashboard which tracks the entire U.S. market, and picked the ones we think few people who like to drive would kick out of their garage.

Today, hybrid, diesel, and electric vehicles that merge “greenness” with “fun-to-drive” come in almost every style, category, size, and price range.

Does this mean eco cars have taken over the world? The sales figures prove otherwise, but alternatives are increasing, even if automakers remain tepid in some respects.

In others respects, the most elite automakers are not at all timid, as exemplified by million-dollar cars from McLaren, Porsche, and Ferrari. These, and other six- and seven-figure cars now and pending show where the global automobile market is heading.

But our picks are not unattainable, ultimate fantasies. Rather, they’re an eclectic selection with something in the list for almost everybody.

How did each car make the cut? They were subjectively sorted by factoring relative fuel economy, fun-to-drive factor, price for performance, and market acceptance. Different cars rank higher or lower on these parameters, but overall, they need to be viable vehicles.

No doubt other choices are out there, and some may actually fit your needs better, but what we have following are our seven worth-a-closer-look cars.