Last but not least is Norway which gets a boost given its sales of 20,486 include sales back to 2003, but most of the growth has happened only recently.

Also, the total is only for all-electric cars, excluding PHEVs which the country is also buying in much lesser numbers. Further, about 1,500 sales are for low-speed city cars in the early years, but this is an amazing story either way.

Norway’s population is 3.2 million people less than that of New York City at just around 5,042,671 people but the rate of EVs per 1,000 people is 4.04 – 2.4 times more than the Netherlands which includes PHEVs, and Norway’s market share for EVs in 2013 was 5.6 percent.

We wrote about the phenomenal growth in this country in November, and the following month saw a new record for plug-ins, and calendar year sales in 2013 were 10,769 out of the total 20,486 or 129.1 percent growth.

If the U.S. had the same percentage of market share as Norway, given its vastly larger population, its plug-in sales would have been 872,534 units, and we’d all be celebrating Obama’s ambitious 2015 goal of 1 million plug-in cars some time this year.