$29,945 (incl. $790 delivery fee)
50 mpg city / 45 mpg hwy / 47 mpg combined

Until the October launch of the Accord Hybrid, Honda had no serious challengers to Toyota’s dominance, and being that it’s positioned as a “premium” product, it still may not.

That said, the full hybrid tech Honda uses marries the most thermally efficient production gas engine Honda’s engineers have seen with a marvelous hybrid system with enormous potential.

The Accord Hybrid is a midsized sedan, very much like any other Accord in appearance and function; but then there’s that fuel economy.

When nursed to the max, the car can be coaxed to 60, 70, and even 80 mpg in slow, sedate driving.

Its combined 47 mpg is on paper equal to the Ford Fusion’s number but real world usage has never seen a Ford under promise and over deliver like the Honda has.

Honda started the hybrid game in 1999 with its science project of an Insight, and while it’s always played second fiddle to Toyota, it need not do so any more.

Compared to the Camry Hybrid – a great car in any case, and priced lower to start – the Honda clearly comes out on top. Bravo Honda. Now, can you please ditch the IMA Civic variants and retrofit this tech into the rest of your line while you are at it?