There are many ways to rank passenger cars, but for those wanting a hybrid car with the absolute best fuel economy, we thought we’d look past size and type categories and go simply for mpg.

Based on U.S. government efficiency ratings, the top-five are regular full hybrids – not the “mild” variety – proving that full hybrid technology is the most efficient compared to other hybridization efforts.

Three of the top-five are sedans, and two are hatchbacks, and all are five seaters. Only one is from a U.S. manufacturer and it has a questionable reputation as to whether it really belongs on this list, but we’re going with official stats, and will qualify below.

Naturally also, plug-in hybrids offer superior economy in short-range driving assuming a charged battery, and all-electric cars use no gas at all, but these “electrified” vehicles come with other trade-offs.

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And then there are some diesels that can rank with the top-five hybrids’ mpg figures as well, but we had to make a cutoff somewhere.

To its credit, hybrid technology has had the longest time on the market among electrified offerings, with the first example of gas-electric powertrain being introduced the last month of the last year of the last millennium (1999).

The formula is thus pretty well sorted, and reliability and resale value have proven respectable, while repairs and service is usually available from numerous shops, some of which even specialize in hybrids.

Hybrids also tend to cost less than EVs and PHEVs, but given they are no longer eligible for subsidies, some plug-in cars may even net out lower than some regular hybrids and prove a better value for certain needs.

In any event, as shown by our monthly sales Dashboard, there are more hybrids for sale than any of the other “alternative” types.

So, without further qualification, here are America’s Top five most fuel efficient hybrids. Reviews for each are linked within each brief: