Of 23 hybrid sedans sold in the U.S., five happen to sell among the best in no small part because they’re the ones that deliver the best mpg compared to non-hybrid stablemates.

Compared to otherwise nearly identical non-hybrid siblings rated in the mid-20s to low 30s, the hybrids on this list get between 13-16 mpg more.

And isn’t that the reason why “hybrids” were developed in the first place? They were intended to be gas-saving, emission-cutting alternatives.

Today we also have hybridized vehicles like GM and Honda’s mild hybrids, and European and Japanese luxury and luxury performance hybrids.

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None of them make this list however. No, this is about full hybrid four-door sedans – excluding plug-ins – that make more people vote with their checkbook, can “pay back” any price premium in the least time, save the most fuel, and cut the most emissions.

Each is ranked by combined EPA-rated mpg and each will be linked to the EPA comparison to non-hybrid variants and a review or overview for further reading.