Nissan’s Pathfinder was actually announced this fall, and sales are starting as we write this.

The Pathfinder Hybrid, starting at just under $36,000, relies on Nissan’s own technology, not licensed tech as it had relied on with the former Altima Hybrid.

It’s believed this is the first of more hybrids to come by the automaker that’s specialized more of late in its all-electric effort with the Leaf and now eNV200, and the follow-ups could be the Rogue Hybrid and a new Altima Hybrid.

Yesterday Nissan’s corporate communications manager Travis Parman said only that Nissan has considered these other two cars but has made no announcements one way or the other.

So for now, the Pathfinder is one – available in two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive and capable of towing 3,500 pounds – we anticipate taking a place in the hybrid marketplace.

And hopefully Nissan will be emboldened enough to move forward with more hybrids as industry watchers already believe it will.