Actually, we hear the 2014 ELR has been already received in dealer inventories since Cadillac began shipping last week, but its official launch date is January.

What needs to be said about this car? It’s one of the more publicized and anticipated plug-in vehicles – and is a bit of a lightning rod as well – with some questioning the rationale for a $77,000 Volt-based Cadillac that costs more than double the Volt without much more performance.

Nonetheless, General Motors is being credited for having the chutzpah to produce the ELR, as some have questioned whether the company that once canceled the EV1 would even continue the Volt.

Sales volume – or competitiveness against Tesla – is not expected to be so high, not even by GM’s own forecast, but who knows, it could surprise us.

The ELR is just as effective as the Volt, and more opulently appointed. It promises a nice ride as a coupe with kid-sized back seat and all-electric range high enough to stay in the e-zone for most daily driving needs.