The BMW i3 will be first introduced in west and east coast markets as well as Austin, Texas this spring, and it is significant as a frontrunner for BMW’s new i brand, having already launched in European markets.

BMW has trademarked the names i1 through i9 and the first sustainable solution from this lineup is positioned as a city car starting at just under $43,000.

The all-electric car will be made optionally available with a small scooter-derived range extender that essentially gives enough extra range to get home, but is not meant for long-range travel like a Chevy Volt.

Baum noted demand appears strong for the innovative ground-up developed EV that makes extensive use of carbon fiber reinforced plastic.

However, the i3 has received mixed reviews by the automotive press. Some praise it, others say it does OK for what it is, and others have said it falls short of the cars that gave birth to the bragging rights of the maker of Ultimate Driving Machines.

The environmentally sustainable i3 does promise quality, innovation, and attention to detail throughout.