The Porsche Panamera Plug-in S E-Hybrid comes as part of a mid-cycle refresh for the Panamera lineup, and replaces the non-plug-in hybrid.

Its claim to fame is significant all-electric range of up to 20 miles or so, assuming conservative driving.

“This vehicle is a statement for the brand, just as the brand is a statement within the auto industry,” said Baum.

Combining the first 12-20 miles driven on zero fuel, typical-length daily trips ought to average pretty stellar mpg figures.

Does this cost savings matter to consumers of 416-horsepower Porsche sedans that start at $99,000 and quickly go up from there with options?

Maybe psychologically, plus the E-Hybrid is a neat tech statement for those who like that aspect, and it also attract buyers who simply want the Porsche crest on the hood.

Its power and weight stats are rather close to a Tesla Model S P85+ but the Tesla is quicker by one second to 60 mph with instant torque although the Porsche will hit a 25 mph higher top speed.

More significant to the broader market is Porsche aims to make hybrid versions of all its cars, and this is the first pioneer of that effort.

Lessons learned here can be applied to other electrified Porsches, so squabbling aside over what makes sense or not, this plug-in tech is all going somewhere, and carving out room with yet one more elite German maker jumping into the waters.