Hyundai has said some seriously bullish things about fuel cells, and it is beating Toyota to market by several months with a California-only, lease-only fuel-cell SUV.

“Besides the Honda FCX Clarity, this is America’s first production fuel cell passenger vehicle, and will provide experience on the various facets of this technology,” said Baum.

Hyundai said in March this year it was aiming for a 50-state roll out by 2015 – and if this actually happens, it will be quite the feat.

The Tucson – AKA the ix35 – has already made its way to the UK and other markets, and promises normal drivability, larger capacity than a compact sedan, and refills in minutes with gaseous hydrogen.

There are many people taking a wait-and-see stance toward the viability of fuel cells with major infrastructural hurdles to overcome, but those pushing forward see a long-term rollout as feasible.