The U.S. alternative-energy passenger vehicle market has been growing steadily since the first couple of hybrids were launched in 1999 and for 2014 things are really heating up.

While petroleum remains by far America’s motive power of choice, the move away from pure gasoline is well underway, and the alternative vehicle count will increase by about one-third in the next 12 months or so.

Presently we track just over 75 hybrid, plug-in, CNG and clean diesel vehicles on the HybridCars.com monthly sales Dashboard and for 2014 we should see around 25 or so added to the roster.

Some will be niche sellers, some will be limited-market, but others will be 50-state available, including a Nissan hybrid model which is the first of more believed to be on the way from the Japanese automaker after a couple year hiatus from hybrids.

The hybrid leader, Toyota, has no new models pending for 2014, but yesterday Toyota said we can expect a new Prius Liftback and plug-in Prius for 2015.

An honorable mention we were hard pressed not to list is the Kia Soul EV, which its maker promises will deliver decent 120-mile range and small-SUV utility and it’s to be a limited-market seller launching in 2014.

Choosing a “Top 10” from over a couple dozen new 2014 models pending was challenging. Besides our selections, other vehicles may arguably have been deserving, but we gave the nod to ones that stand to have an outsized impact.

And really, “we’re looking forward to” every new alternative-tech vehicle, whether it makes the list or not, as each stands to have some positive effect, whether large or small.

Following are our choices with links to more info on each vehicle.