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With the Model 3, Tesla has, by all accounts, delivered on its promise to produce one of the best electric vehicles on the market, and at a more accessible price – that is, at least, relative to the company’s other, more expensive offerings. And it comes pretty well equipped, straight from the factory.

But like most any car available, it doesn’t come with absolutely everything you need. There’s still any number of items you might want to add to or customize on your Model 3 – inside, out, and under the hood (such as it is).

So we’ve put together this handy list of some of our favorite accessories for Tesla’s most affordable (and likely soon to be most popular) model yet – ranging from must-have items to some that will probably be a matter of preference, but all of them available on Amazon. Read on to see what the world’s largest online marketplace has in store for your EV.

1. BASENOR Model 3 Sunshade

basenor model 3 sunshade

The Tesla Model 3 has a pair of big glass panels for a roof – which is great for letting the sunshine in, but sometimes it can be too much. So unless you live and drive in perpetual darkness, you’ll want a sunshade (or two) designed specifically to fit your vehicle. Like these from Basenor, available for both the front and back sunroofs. They’re made from a lightweight polyester mesh, so they’ll still let some light in, but significantly cut down on both heat and glare. And the rigid frame, affixed with the included clips, collapses and fits into a storage pouch when not in use.

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2. TapTes Wireless Charger

taptes model 3 wireless charger

Like most modern cars, the Model 3 has USB ports for keeping your mobile devices topped up. But if your phone has wireless charging capabilities, you’ll likely want an inductive charging pad – like this one from TapTes. It’s designed to fit into the vehicle’s center console and can simultaneously charge two QI-enabled smartphones, with an anti-slip surface to keep your phone from sliding around while the vehicle’s in motion. Simply remove the factory console piece, plug into the USB ports, put the wireless charger in place, and you’re good to go.

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3. SUMK Tempered Glass Screen Protector

sumk model 3 tempered glass screen protector

Dominating the dashboard on the Tesla Model 3 is an oversized 15-inch touchscreen for controlling and viewing all the vehicle’s auxiliary essential and auxiliary functions, including navigation, media, and climate-control. It’d be a shame for that nice big screen to get all scratched up, though. So if you’ve installed a screen protector on your smartphone, you’ll likely want to do the same on your car’s touchscreen, too. Far more than a simple plastic decal, it’s made of tempered glass, it’s designed to fit the Model 3’s screen, and is both scratch- and oil-resistant, without interfering with the screen’s touch or display functionality.

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4. Nikola Pro Satin Black Chrome Delete Kit

nikola pro tesla model 3 chrome delete kit

Tesla has applied what we think is a tasteful amount of chrome on the Model 3. But that’s a matter of personal taste. If you’re not into the shiny trim, you can get this “chrome delete” kit from Nikola Pro. It’s made from 3M 2080 vinyl and goes right over the chrome trim around the windows, under the side mirrors, over the door handles, the accents on the front fenders, and the badges. It’s available in black with either a gloss, matte, or satin finish, and comes with both a heat gun for smooth application and duplicates of each piece, so you can either start again if you make a mistake, or gift the spares to another Model 3 owner.

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5. 3D MAXpider All-Weather Floor Mats

3d maxpider all weather floor mats

You wouldn’t want to track dirt into your Tesla and mess up the clean interior, now would you? Of course not. That’s why we’d recommend getting a good set of floor mats – especially if you live or work in a particularly dusty, dirty, rainy, or snowy part of the country. Fortunately there’s no shortage of companies that can furnish you with exactly that. Like this Kagu Series set from 3D MAXpider, made for all kinds of weather. The three-piece set is specially fabricated to fit the front and rear footwells on the Model 3. The three-layer construction has a top layer with a slick carbon-fiber-like texture, a foam middle layer to make them feel cushier under your feat, and a bottom layer that grips to the original carpets like Velcro.

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6. EVANNEX Frunk Cooler

evannex tesla model 3 frunk cooler

Without an internal-combustion engine on board, the Model 3 has both a good-size trunk in the back and another “frunk” (that’s a front trunk) in the nose. So what do you do with the extra cargo space? Well, “just about anything you want” is the long and short of it. But this frunk cooler from Evannex is a good bet. The zippered soft case is made specifically to fit in the Model 3’s front cargo compartment, insulated to keep your drinks and snacks cold (or hot), with handles and a shoulder strap for carrying, and a separate top compartment for napkins, utensils, and the likes. Perfect for camping and picnicking.

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7. EV Wraps Center Console Wrap

ev wraps tesla model 3 center console wrap

The center console in the Tesla Model 3 has a nice glossy finish that looks pretty slick… when it’s clean. But get your finger prints all over it, as you’re bound to, and suddenly it doesn’t look quite as nice. That’s why many Tesla owners choose to wrap their consoles with a simple decal set, like this one from EV Wraps. It’s designed for easy installation, with no tools (or cutting) needed beyond the little squeegee included in the package. Once installed, it’ll keep your center console looking clean. It’s available in white or black in a variety of finishes to suit your taste.

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8. STDY Auto Emergency Kit

stdy auto emergency kit

We strongly recommend that every driver keep an emergency kit in the trunk (or frunk), and the Tesla Model 3 is no exception. This kit from STDY has just about everything you might (but hopefully won’t) need, from an rain poncho and grippy gloves to a tire-pressure gauge and puncture-repair kit. The list of 57 included items also includes a first-aid kit, a glass-shattering safety hammer (best keep that handy in the cabin), and a set of jumper cables (which you won’t need as much as you might in a conventional car, but it couldn’t hurt). It all fits into a small bag no bigger than a shoe box.

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9. KOLLIEE Coat Hanger

kolliee car coat hanger

Rolling up in a Tesla makes a statement, and you don’t want to ruin that by having your jacket all creased and wrinkled when you step out. So you may want to get a coat hanger that mounts to the back of the seat, like this one from Kolliee. While not specific for the Model 3, its design is slick enough to match its interior, and even looks a little like the Tesla logo. It can hold up to 50 pounds, so you can safely hang your jacket over the top and your shoulder bag below it, plus it has a spring-loaded hook so you can take the whole thing out of the car with you and hang it in a closet.

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10. EVANNEX Elon’s Musk Air Freshener

evannex elon's musk air freshener

Last but not least: an air freshener to keep the inside of your Tesla smelling good. But not just any old pine-tree freshener to hang from the rear-view mirror. Whimsically called “Elon’s Musk,” this one from Evannex is shaped like the chief-executive’s smiling mug, and is crafted to “make your Tesla smell like the world’s hardest working billionaire” – hopefully after he’s taken a shower. We can’t speak to how it actually smells, but it’s said (tongue in cheek) to encompass “high notes of Tesla leather, and low notes of rocket fuel.”

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