Gas Mileage Impact Calculator
Use our Gas Mileage Impact Calculator to compare the relative gas consumption, mpg, and tailpipe emissions for hybrid and conventional models. Learn about the methodology behind the calculator.

Preferred Hybrid Dealers
Not all hybrid dealers are created equal. To make sure visitors of this site get the best service, and work with the most hybrid-savvy car dealerships, we are building a sponsored network of preferred dealers. Check them out.

Preferred Independent Hybrid Shops

To help ensure that you are choosing a service shop that knows their way around a hybrid, teamed up with Craig Van Batenburg, who established a hybrid technician qualification process through the Automotive Career Development Center. Craig conducts hybrid technical training workshops around the country.

Price Pulse
Hybrid shoppers graciously report their experiences (e.g., price, waiting times, dealership expertise) using our Price Pulse. See what your fellow-shopper has to say.

Hybrid Classifieds
Dealers in our preferred network show off their new and used models. See what just arrived at a dealership near you.