Former Chevy Volt Line Director and Former Fisker chief Tony Posawatz has been appointed as a Non-Executive Director (NED) to UK-based battery company, Nexeon.

As a lifetime GM employee, Posawatz was the familiar face during the years of the Volt’s development and through its late 2010 production launch until mid 2012.

He was hired by Fisker in a revolving door replacing former Chrysler executive Tom LaSorda at that troubled automaker that eventually went under and is now dormant but owned by Chinese concern, Wanxiang.

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Now possessing 30 years of experience, Posawatz has essentially reinvented himself in a consulting role as President & CEO of Invictus iCAR LLC, an automotive innovation consulting firm. He has also served in leadership roles with Pennsylvania-based wireless charging firm Momentum Dynamics, Michigan-based ALTe, along with several companies in the alternative energy field.

He is a licensed professional engineer and has an MBA from Dartmouth College.

For its part, Nexeon noted Posawtz’s versatility comes from having worked in both very large company environments (GM) and technology start-ups, including fund-raising and business development negotiations in China and Asia.

“He was recognized as an Automotive News All-Star and was awarded The Detroit Free Press Automotive Leadership Award,” said Nexeon in statement.

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Posawatz is now the second NED in recent weeks to join Nexeon’s board. Former Nokia executive Antti Vasara was announced in December.

Nexeon touts its silicon anode technology as a “next generation” energy storage system for consumer electronics and automotive applications.

“I would like to welcome Tony to the Nexeon Board,” said Dr. Paul Atherton, Nexeon’s chairman. “His unrivalled experience of electric vehicle technology and the automotive industry in general will help Nexeon enormously in addressing the challenges and opportunities we face.”