Most people following Tesla knew the Model 3 to be shown tonight will have more to see later, but a bit more formalized plan is apparently in the works.

“Tomorrow is Part 1 of the Model 3 unveil,” tweeted CEO Elon Musk yesterday. “Part 2, which takes things to another level, will be closer to production.”

In response, a person tried to gauge what is to be expected tonight.

“So we aren’t even going to see the car properly?” said someone back to Musk, and unlike numerous tweets that go unreplied to, Musk answered.

“You will see the car very clearly, but some important elements will be added and some will evolve,” said Musk.

So he says part two “takes things to another level” and these will include “important elements” as well as some that will “evolve.”

The reveal for a running prototype of a car that has been the goal of Tesla for over a decade is tonight at 8:30 p.m. Pacific time.

Refundable pre-orders too are to begin at $1,000 apiece.

We’ll have more tonight.