A father, mother and teenage son were killed at a known-hazardous section of road Saturday in their Chevy Volt on the way to a school play in Bethesda, Md.

The deceased are Michael Buarque De Macedo, 52, Alessandra M. Buarque De Macedo, 53, and Thomas Michael Buarque De Macedo, 17.

Surviving the tragedy with life-threatening injuries is Helena Buarque De Macedo, 16, who is hospitalized.

The accident happened at a turn to Bethesda’s Walt Whitman High School where a BMW driven by 20-year-old Ogulkan Atakoglu careened into the Volt.

Atakoglu was taken with non-life-threatening injuries to a local trauma center. No charges have been filed by police who are investigating.

The turn in question was a left turn off of River Road, and reportedly neighbors had petitioned to have it changed with a median extended so turning isn’t an option.

“It’s unregulated and it’s extremely dangerous and hazardous as it is right now,” said resident Richard Boltuck.

Whitman High students, staff and buses use the turn as a back entrance to the school’s parking lot.

NBC Washington reported the State Highway Administration has said it will conduct tests at the intersection but it observed that an intersection with a traffic signal provides direct access to the school.

The three-person fatality is believed to be the worst accident known in a Chevy Volt.