As the world’s largest auto market gears up for new model introductions this month in Beijing, three new electrified cars will be revealed by domestic makers.

Not known to be heading to the U.S., they are the latest for the country which last year bought 20 million passenger vehicles, ahead of the U.S.’ 17.4 million.

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In the U.S., Warren Buffet-backed BYD has gone so far as to certify its e6 electric vehicle with the EPA, but it has not been sold to consumers.

The Chinese government meanwhile is offering incentives to the “new energy vehicles” spurring interest over and above successes elsewhere, such as by Tesla, BMW, GM, and many more.

Venucia T90 Hybrid SUV

2016 Nissan Murano shown.

2016 Nissan Murano shown.

Set to launch in China the third quarter of this month, Venucia’s SUV which could be powered by a 2.5 liter gas or hybrid powertrain has had the Asian press circulating spy shots.

The new model (not pictured) is reportedly reminiscent of A BMW X6, and Venucia is a brand created by Dongfeng Nissan. It reportedly has had good success since the spin off from joint ventures was the talk of the 2011 Shanghai auto show.

Nissan lent early design DNA from its vehicles with the T90 based on its current Murano.

Beijing Auto electric supercar


Developed by BAIC, the car with name yet to be revealed is another electric supercar with spec sheet also vague but range claimed at 186 miles, and 0-62 mph time at 3.0 seconds.

Swoopy lines are derived form the Techrules AT96, another Chinese creation.

This newest one was penned in Barcelona at BAIC’s R&D center and is based upon – or inspired by – a Formula E open wheel race car.

BYD Quin EV300


As mentioned the BYD e6 was to be the first EV to contend with electric cars from various major automakers, and the EV3000 is the second.

Originally a plug-in hybrid (pictured), it makes use of the powertrain from the e6 with range claimed at 190 miles.

The e6 has seen duties in various markets as close as London as a taxi, and of the three, this one has the best chance of making it to the west.

The Beijing auto show starts April 25.