With Tesla in its crosshairs, Los Angeles-based startup Thor Trucks has released the first photos of its battery-powered electric semi-truck prototype.

According to Thor, its new ET-One promises a top speed of 70 mph with a range of up to 300 miles and an 80,000-lbs.-hauling capacity, delivering 4,700 pounds-feet of torque starting at zero RPM. Like Tesla’s semi, the ET-One’s range is optimized for short hauls, a boon for companies that shuttle product from manufacturing facilities to distribution centers that are close to one another.

The Thor Truck website promises 60-percent cheaper maintenance cost, 70-percent cheaper fuel cost, and “100-percent fewer emissions compliance headaches” versus commercial diesel vehicles.

On the looks side, the Thor boasts more exaggerated curves than the Tesla semi-truck with what appears to be a Transformers-inspired body with a sloped grille, cat-eye shaped headlights, and a large Thor logo at front center. Other features include a 90-minute depletion-to-full charge time and a 22-inch dashboard touchscreen.

Its pricing structure is also similar to Tesla’s, placing a premium on the range. A 100-mile range version will cost $150,000, and a 300-mile range version will cost $250,000.

In a recent blog post, company founder Dakota Semler praised his team for its work without outside funding and OEM help.

“We wanted to show the world that you don’t have to be a big original equipment manufacturer, like a Ford or GM, or a tech mogul with deep pockets to start making progress in this space,” wrote Semler. “With no outside funding, we assembled a team of experienced, gutsy, and passionate engineers and went to work researching and designing the ET-One in-house.”

The electric semi-truck market has heated up over the past several months, with other models joining the fray, such as Daimler’s 217-mile range E-Fusion Vision One and Cummins 100-mile range Urban Hauler Tractor, with a diesel range extension contributing an additional 200 miles. Unlike Tesla, however, Thor Trucks has not indicated plans to participate in the autonomous space nor compete with Tesla directly.

No word on when the ET-One will be ready for production or when pre-ordering starts. However, Thor has provided fleet operators an opportunity to participate in a limited fleet demonstration. For more information, visit its Contact page.