The Toyota Prius Is Suffering Its Worst Sales in The Last Dozen Years

Gasoline prices have caused a decline in hybrid sales but do not explain the Prius’ decline. In Sept. 2016, total hybrid vehicle market share was 2.19 percent, or 31,286 sales for 257,496 calendar year to date. This year, Sept. 2017 total hybrid sales are up at 2.46 percent, or 37,319 for 279,179 CYTD. That said, the Liftback is down 41.6 percent year over year, with 50,911 sales this year compared to 78,372 sales same time last year. The Prius used to carry the market when it was doing 120,000-140,000 annual sales. It’s now pulling it down, and the market is still up. Other hybrid vehicles are taking up the slack.