A number of Volkswagen AG designs registered to the World Intellectual Property Organization became public this weekend, giving big hints to what VW’s future intentions and designs are.

In all, 23 vehicle designs were released when the filing became public. Among them was everything from extremely futuristic, probably autonomous designs to a transport truck, and everything in between.

The more traditional designs look like they could be based on the MEB platform. The small hatchback in particular doesn’t look too far removed from the ID concept that premiered at the Paris Motor Show earlier this month.

Other designs, though, are anything but traditional. A few are even symmetrical, which suggests that they may be autonomous.


It’s relieving to see some that look more performance and driver oriented. One in particular caught the attention of @aladis, a forum member who brought these images to our—and indeed the world’s—attention.

Although there are no badges, the tailfin, taillights, and the flourish near the front of this sports car are all pure Bugatti. And unlike some of the other designs, this one is shaped like a traditional car, which hopefully means that it will be controlled by a human driver.

If, indeed, the above design was intended for Bugatti, that—and the wide variety of vehicles—would suggest that these designs are intended for a number of VW brands. As a result, one could easily imagine that the little hatchbacks could be branded as anything from VW to SEAT to Skoda, and that the sharp edged, wedgy four-door could wear a Lamborghini badge. And the little circular car with four hollow wheels already has four rings…

But before we’re accused of speculating wildly, it seems unlikely that a car that looks exactly like any of these designs will ever make it to production. It is, however, interesting to see what’s going on in the imagination of Volkswagen AG’s designers.

This article originally appeared at VWVortex.com