Today Tesla Motors announced the opening of the West Coast Supercharger Corridor.

This means there is now a network of charging stations that enable Model S owners to travel for free between San Diego, California and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Tesla Superchargers are located along U.S. Highway 101 and Interstate 5, the West Coast’s key routes.

According to Tesla, Model S customers can drive between San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Sacramento, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver with minimal stops. Tesla planned the location of said Superchargers so more than 99 percent of Californians and 87 percent of Oregon and Washington owners are now within 200 miles of a Supercharger.

Tesla explained its Superchargers are substantially more powerful than any other charging technology in the world, delivering up to 120 kilowatt DC (Direct Current) power directly to the Model S battery. This allows the charger to provide half a charge in as little as 20 minutes.

Superchargers are, according to Tesla, strategically placed along major highways connecting city centers, located where customers want to stop, near amenities like roadside diners, cafes and shopping centers, so owners can stop for a quick meal while their Model S charges for free.

On the morning of October 30 in San Diego, two Model S embarked on a 1,750 mile road trip to Vancouver powered only by Tesla Superchargers. The journey will take them through Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Sacramento, Mt. Shasta, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver, with stops at popular destinations such as the Santa Monica pier, Monterey Bay and the world famous Pike Place Fish Market.

The trip will be publicized by Tesla under the #DriveFree hashtag.

Throughout the trip, Tesla will be hosting owner and media events and providing real time updates from the road on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.