This past Saturday, Tesla Motors was struck by hackers throughout a multitude of different platforms including its Twitter presence, website, and media relations accounts.

The hacker or hackers were able to post messages from Tesla’s Twitter account to its over 564,000 followers, and the attackers responded to an email to Tesla’s press contact revealing that more than just its Twitter had been hijacked.

Self identifying as “teslapress representative,” a name that has been linked to previous hackings on other companies, the perpetrator(s) responded from a compromised Gmail account saying “it’s not been hacked sir.”


At roughly 1:52 p.m. Tesla’s Twitter name was changed to #RIPPRGANG, it posted a tweet saying that Tesla is now run by Henry Blair Strater from Oswego Illinois and to contact him at a certain phone number. The number belonged to a repair shop in Illinois according to TechCrunch, which was promptly overrun by calls after the tweet was seen.

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Along with both Tesla’s and Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s personal Twitter being hijacked, its website was taken over simultaneously, users were automatically sent to a website with the word ‘ISIS’ in the URL, which included a video, and a picture of someone bearing similarities to Osama Bin Laden driving a Tesla.

These tweets were removed within an hour, along with the hijacked website and Gmail being returned to their proper form and owner.

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