The Tesla Model S P85D is turning heads at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

One glossy crimson example taking center stage on the floor is outfitted with a carbon fiber spoiler, grey turbine wheels and interior carbon fiber accents.


This is the high-performance version of Tesla’s four-door sedan. Its unique powertrain features a 221-horspower motor in the front of the car and a 470-horespower motor in the rear, for a combined output of 691-horsepower. In comparison, the Model S has a 380-horespower single-motor setup.

The P85D has a base price of $105,670. According to Tesla’s website, opting for this high-performance edition costs a bit more than the standard Model S 60 (with an MSRP of $69,900) or Model S 85 (with an upgraded battery and an MSRP of $79,000). These prices don’t include Tesla’s $1,170 destination fee.

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Standard equipment on the P85D includes upgraded suspension, four red Brembo brake calipers and the ability to recharge free at any Supercharger location. The autopilot system, a new standard feature for all Model S sedans, mounts a camera, radar and sensor on the car to warn drivers about obstacles in the roadway and assist with potential collisions.

Buyers can also add a tech package with autopilot for $4,250. This adds navigation and convenience upgrades, but also gives drivers some autopilot capabilities, such as self-parking. Tesla reps demonstrated some of the P85D’s autonomous capabilities at the car’s launch last October, as seen in the video below.

At $1,500, the crimson coat seen in Detroit is one of the more expensive paint upgrades offered by Tesla, along with a pearl white paint. Base P85Ds can be ordered in solid black or white; metallic silver, blue or gray can be added for $750.


Other appearance upgrades include a premium interior package ($3,500), executive rear seats ($2,000) and rear facing seats to carry up to seven passengers ($2,500).