Tesla’s dismissed employees are now speaking out in opposition to their former employer.

According to reports by former employees to the San Jose Mercury News, Tesla is encouraging workers to sign separation agreements preventing them from speaking unfavorably about Elon Musk and the company’s business practices, in exchange for two weeks of severance pay.

One of the employee unions, the United Auto Workers, have taken a step further with a new lawsuit, alleging that Tesla unfairly targeted workers who complained about pay and safety, with separate lawsuits citing racial and sexual discrimination.

In a late Oct. filing, six labor practice violations were cited, including obscure ones such as employees facing disciplinary action for wearing union logos and participating in union activities. Other workers have filed separate termination lawsuits, including one case where an assembly line worker was allegedly mocked by a supervisor for wearing “gay tight” clothes.

In October, Tesla terminated approximately 700 employees (roughly 2 percent of its workforce) as part of an annual performance review process many critics have slammed for its unclear standards, perceived unfairness towards unions, and lack of sufficient notice provided to workers. All employees were fired at the same time, raising questions over the validity of its performance reviews.

“Our standards are high not because we believe in being mean to people, they’re high because if they aren’t high, we’d die,” said Elon Musk in a Nov. 1 quarterly earnings call.

In a counter punch move, Tesla and Musk cited promotions reached by 17 percent of all employees and expressed two percent as a low percentage.

San Jose Mercury News