Tesla is adding more service resources and staff for owners of its cars needing maintenance and repair.

A new video showcases improvements expanding the reach and service level. These include 100 new service centers being added to the Tesla network; more than 350 new mobile units for roadside assistance; and 1,400 new trained technicians.

All of these changes will increase service capacity three times worldwide, the company said.

The electric carmaker says it’s now providing more remote tools to keep customers from having to call in for vehicle servicing. These include over-the-air updates supporting maintenance and remote diagnostics.

Those Tesla drivers needing help can tap into a growing number of Mobile Service technicians. You can have your tire changed and access other needed service while out driving; or you can make a service appointment at a Tesla facility from your car.

Tesla wants to reinvent the service environment and customer experience, similar to visiting its stores to shop for a new car. Tesla is using much less space than dealers, and is getting customers back on the road much quicker, the company said.

“In the rare case that your car requires a shop visit, service will be quick and seamless –and likely be complete before you finish your coffee,” Tesla said.

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Tesla has been working on increasing customer satisfaction on the service side of the business, which is another way to stand apart from traditional auto dealers.

In November, Automotive News interviewed Tesla Model S and Model X owners who’d been frustrated with the wait time with Tesla. There were also concerns expressed about problems arising after requesting service and repair work on their all-electric vehicles. Long wait times was a complaint, and frustration about what it was taking to get more urgent fixes done such as faulty door latches and suspicious engine noises.